Addy Bateman

Program Manager

As a Program Manager, Addy has the privilege to learn from, design and run the Chipotle Aluminaries program. She hails from Colorado and is happiest when talking to passionate people and finding new ways to create positive and lasting impact in the world. Prior to Uncharted, Addy received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines. Her experience in the engineering world led her to different jobs throughout the biomedical industry, teaching her valuable life lessons on creating value, nerding out with teams and finding new ways to help people in our evolving world.Inside the office, you can find Addy fawning over how cool her coworkers are, finding new ways to connect with her coworkers remotely, and encouraging as many snack breaks as possible. Outside the office she enjoys being a subpar baker, an amateur climber and bribing stragers to ler her play with their dogs.

What inspires you?

People who take brave leaps of faith to fight fearlessly for what they believe, and those who move forward only when they are bringing others up alongside them.

Fun Fact

Addy once held a funeral service for her succulent, Ronaldo. His demise was caused by a terrible green thumb which entailed burning his leaves with a lamp, somehow dehydrating a drought resistant plant, leaving him on the roof of a car during a drive, and decapitating him. Please don’t ask her to plant sit.