Emily Mochizuki Lutyens

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Emily is responsible for the day-to-day of the organization, leading and managing the team, and ensuring Uncharted delivers on its strategic goals. Emily grew up in London, Tokyo, and New Delhi and is passionate about making the world a more equitable and inclusive place. Before joining Uncharted, Emily was the Co-Founder and CEO of LegWorks, a for-profit social enterprise with a mission to enable amputees globally to walk with confidence. Previously she was the founding Country Director of Educate!, an education non-profit developing young leaders and entrepreneurs in East Africa. She studied International Relations at Brown University and has an MBA from the University of California Berkeley. Emily once drove from Uganda to South Africa, and you can generally find her eating chocolate, or just eating.

What inspires you?

Standing at the top of my favorite ski run when the sun is setting over the mountains and feeling at home in myself, remembering just how beautiful and expansive the world is, and how change takes time.

Fun fact

If I had been born a boy, my English father wanted to name me Englebert.