A Love Letter to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, it's always been you. Won't you be our Valentine?

Dear entrepreneur,

We love you. You already know this, but it’s Valentine’s Day, and we wanted to celebrate our special bond. 

When you fall in love, at least in our experience, you fall for how someone makes you feel. And you make us feel hopeful for the future of our country. You make us believe that our dream of equity is possible. Your passion fuels ours. 

We know your friends may call you a changemaker, and you go by innovator at the office, and your mother calls you a dreamer, but you’ll always be entrepreneur to us because wrapped up in that word is what we appreciate most about you: that you see injustice and long for a better world, and you’re willing to take big risks to create the positive change you envision instead of waiting around for someone else to do it. 

You see things that others don’t. Where others tell you it can’t be done, you find a way. You have clarity, and vision, and purpose, and your relentless pursuit of a better future is an infectious trait that draws others to you. When we hear you talk about your vision, your ideas, your reasons for getting into your work, we fall for you all over again. 

When you’re angry about the status quo, or frustrated at how slowly change happens, we can’t help but feel the same. We also see how hard you work and know that the grit and determination you bring to your purpose also wear you down. When you struggle, all we want is to do everything we can to help you shoulder the weight. 

The way we see it, we’ve got a pretty special thing going on. We complement each other perfectly. History is full of examples of relationships like ours where one half is the public face, shining in their brilliance and the other is a quiet partner, doing what they can to encourage, support, and enable something bigger than the sum of its parts. We’re the Martin to your RBG, the Eleanor to your FDR, the Coretta Scott to your MLK. 

We’re just so grateful that we get to spend our time with you. 

Love, Uncharted

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